Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rent – Birch’s Sustainable Practices


How does renting equipment fit into protecting and conserving the environment? Called the “original green industry”, renting is one of the few businesses that completely encompasses the other three “R’s” – when consumers share products through rental, they are reducing their carbon footprint by reusing equipment that has already been manufactured, and recycling it on to the next person who needs it. By renting equipment instead of buying new, it is not only reusing, but also reducing the manufacturing, packaging and shipping process of new equipment.

Birch Equipment not only complies with, but also goes above and beyond industry and environmental standards. Renting equipment means the customer will always receive the eco-friendliest models available.

For years, Birch Equipment Rental and Sales has implemented sustainable programs that support the environment. These long-standing efforts are outlined below:

Green Initiatives: Committed to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment

• Centralized dispatch delivery system implemented in 2009, increased load efficiency and decreased dead runs. As a result, the company has consumed less fuel and reduced vehicle emissions and wear on local and state roadways by 20% annually.
• Equipment is maintained with eco-friendly oil and parts whenever available
• Eco-friendly hydraulics
• Gensets, Compressors and Light Towers with spill containment infrastructure
• Pulse-Tech battery program since 2001, reducing the number of batteries in landfills by 30%. The plate-cleaning process increases battery lifespan by 20-40%.
• Zero hazard waste program since 2000. This represents approximately 140,000 gallons in oil that has been picked up and recycled for other uses.
• Tire recapping program since 1999, reducing the number of tires going into landfills and use of solid tires, doubling their life span
• 100% cardboard and paper recycling
• Emergency spill plan implementation including equipping all delivery vehicles (Throw & Go – environmentally friendly spill absorber made from sphagnum and sedge peat moss) – Birch now also provides this as a retail item
• Proactive maintenance on well-maintained fleet to support longevity
• Scrap wood/metal, brass, aluminum, glass and plastic bins recycled since 1972. That’s roughly 35-tons of material annually.
• When the majority of equipment is retired from Birch’s Fleet, it is sold in well-maintained condition and continues to meet other’s equipment needs

Community Supporter
Birch Equipment is committed to strengthening the environmental, educational and social fabric of our communities and has given over $2,000,000 in the past 20 years to our community.