Protecting Your Privacy


Many of us are using the internet and social media to connect and try to keep up on the ever changing world around us.

Pandemic-related internet resources we are using:Centers for Disease Control and Infectious Disease is a front line resource as well as being such a light-hearted and fun read… Whatcom Co. Covid-19 Community Helpers connects Neighbors in Need (NINs) with Healthy Helpers “to complete essential tasks using strict safety protocols.” Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County (EDASC) quickly put together resource guide for businesses and workers when the pandemic hit and maintains regular updates.

Helpful Sources

While Unemployment Fraud has been rampant throughout the country, Washington State was hardest hit inadvertently paying out an estimated $550-$650 of Washington State unemployment dollars to a Nigerian Fraud Ring. To make sure you and yours have not been a victim of Unemployment Benefits Fraud, go your State Employment Security Department HERE. If you don’t have an Employment Security Department account, create an account to insure your social security number it doesn’t get used. If you find that your social security is already being used (and not by you!) follow the steps on the ESD department website.

On the social media front, trolls are doing some heavy duty trolling and with social media privacy settings constantly changing, it’s a good to regularly take steps to protect your personal data.Ways to protect yourself while using social media:

8 Steps to Secure your Facebook Privacy SettingsThis includes screenshots and links showing how to avoid bots and trolls presenting as friends, removing access to third party apps, opting out of ads and tips such as why not to fill out all the personal information Facebook suggests including.

10 Must-Do Tips for Protecting your Personal Facebook DataShares many of the same tips with two crucial reminders at the end: Don’t post revealing information and don’t share stuff you might have to delete later.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Privacy Settings valuable info on:

  • Basic privacy settings
  • How to access your information for all Facebook actions
  • Manage your Off-Facebook Activity
  • Timeline and tagging Options
  • Manage Blocking