Industrial Equipment Rentals

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Equipment Service & Maintenance

Use the rental navigation bar to the left to view the equipment and tools Birch Equipment rents. Make a reservation online, or call your local Birch location 1-866-72-BIRCH. 

Live 24/7 manufacturer trained, safety oriented technicians

• On or off-site repair capabilities
• Replacement parts sourcing
• Troubleshooting and diagnostics
• Manufacturer direct purchasing and parts support
• Fully stocked mobile service trucks

Aerial Certification / Annual Services
• Exceeds manufacture requirements
• Historical Maintenance Records

Mobilization / Demobilization
• True 24 hour service
• Global centralized dispatch systems
• GPS Delivery Trucks

Streamlined Management System
24/7 Planning, Budgeting & Managing
• Plan and budget projects
• Manage costs and inventory
• Track equipment and utilization
• Change WO# / PO# /Jobsite
• Call off / on rent
• Order and purchase
• Historical maintenance
• Operator Training Scheduling
• Certification Tracking (Coming soon!)
• On demand and automated reporting
– Actual Cost to Date
– Off Rent
– On Rent
– On Rent with Cost Analysis
– Planned vs Actual
– Rent to Date and Projected
– Reservation
– Active Maintenance
– Historical Maintenance
– Customer Balance
• Track environment impact and HP ratings
• Streamline on / off rent and billing processes
• Reduce duplicate orders
• Maximize time on rent
• Prioritize use of assets and rental equipment
• Eliminate redundant or underutilized equipment
• Minimize unnecessary credits

Learn More About Birch Equipment’s Streamlined Management System Here